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Select Construction is a contracting company with the main focus on facilitation the entire build and maintenance after the completion of a build. Select Construction keeps the focus on both the interior and exterior design of the building. We keep our focus on what the client needs, cost efficient building or green building. Perhaps both

Select Construction not only build homes in residential areas, but also build factories and offices for blue-chip companies all over South Africa. Projects can run from a few days up to a few years. Select Constructions offer companies commercial and industrial development that carries though the community. With up to date innovations and designs, Select Construction will elevate your status with in the community. The quick and reliable build will ensure a stress free process.

Select Construction continues to offer services after the build. We can continue to offer maintenance and other services as the client needs it. Some of our clients solely use us for the maintenance on their building as well as the development and design on new builds.

Select Construction also offers the full package by offering handyman services, if need be. Each handyman reports to our head office and stays with the client in order to build trust between the company and the client.

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Our Services

  • Construction

  • Paving

  • Painting

  • Facility Management

  • Lighting

  • Tiling

  • Project Management

Select Construction

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