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New Age Construction has been building for the last 25 years in brick, lite steel frame and polystyrene. Our speciality is “Green Building” We also offer landscaping by our qualified Horticulturist and Landscape Architect. We build anything from granny flats to mansions

Our green method of construction is very energy efficient and the structure is about 30% cheaper than conventional building methods, and is approved by the national building regulations. Although it is cheaper it is a far superior structure designed by our engineer. Construction time is about 30% of the time of conventional building and much cleaner. Shorter building time saves on bond payments during construction.

We can build any style of house and it will look the as a conventional house. The big advantage is the energy efficiency and savings on energy bills. Our houses can be built off the grid. Water harvesting, solar energy heating and cooling and other green services can be incorporated in the structure, reducing running costs.

The structure is fireproof, damp-proof, very sound proof, cool in summer and warm in winter due to the materials that we use. With the high energy costs that are set to rise even more, energy efficiency and savings are important factors when buying or building a house. In Australia, banks won’t finance properties that are not energy efficient.

Our architectural designers can assist you in designing your new home; we also do extensions and renovations. We can build anywhere in South Africa or neighbouring states. Being lite to carry and transport, it is well suited for and steep sites difficult to access. As our system is 30% of the weight of a brick house it is lite to transport.

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